About Us

The Orchard Juicery’s Mission is to create healthier food options, where eating healthy is not always the easiest option. We aim to bring you healthy options that keep you satisfied ,giving you the ability to optimize your day through better nutrition.

Working in and around Auckland for the past 10 years, we had seen a trend, in that most Cafes and Lunchbars served food that was not particularly good for you. Sure Pies, Muffins, Hot Chips and Sushi taste great but soon after eating these things you feel pretty lethargic, this doesn’t make getting through your day at work any easier and certainly doesn’t give you any long term health benefits.

So many people are dragging themsleves through life being overweight, having constant health issues, having headaches and always feeling tired. We aim to help change that.

In June of 2016 The Orchard Juicery & Kitchen was born at 55 Montgomerie Rd in the Auckland Airport Commercial Centre. It took 2 months of renovating, painting and organising to set up our new cafe and we opened our doors in mid August.

We believe that by giving you healthier options for lunch, that you will begin to notice the difference a healthy meal makes to your day. Because we love food just as much as you do and in the past we have also struggled to find healthier choices.